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Camper HUB

Your caravan’s home in Bucharest welcomes you both when your journey passes through Bucharest and when it starts from here.
Joy2Wander si CamperHUB

We are our first customers.

Our passion for free travel started 6 years ago when we bought our own caravan, a time when we saw beautiful places, met great people, made friends and camped in many places. Over time, we built from this passion a business “Joy2Wander”, we bought several motorhomes, we started to take care of them, to know their problems and finally we reached the need to have a space as suitable as possible for our activity.

So we thought of setting up our own house on the outskirts of Bucharest. A safe, clean space, equipped with everything necessary and especially with great accessibility from and to Bucharest, a place where you can camp when the trip brings you near the city or where you can park your car for longer periods.

Camper HUB

You have a motorhome, or several, and you’re looking for a storage place where you don’t have to worry about them. So do we! After searching year after year for the best solution, we decided to fix it ourselves, and the partners who had already chosen our services said it was a good idea.



Included services

Closed and video-monitored parking
Water, electricity and spill area
Sanitization of water storage and installation twice a year
Cold season preparation/maintenance (emptying tanks&boilers, dehumidification, periodical electricity charging)
Storage space inside (including tyres)

Complementary services

Interior & trunk cleaning

50 euro / operation

In-depth sanitation

(upholstery, hard-to-reach areas)
80 euro / operation

Exterior washing, toilet emptying, water supply

15 euro / operation

Repair shop

...comming soon

Operation of rental fleets

to be discussed


Calea Bucurestilor 247, Otopeni

Camper STOP

When your travel reach Bucharest, it’s good to know that you have at your disposal a specialized camping for motorhomes, equipped with all necessary utilities and very close to the city.



Included services 

Access to water source for supply
220V power supply
Grey water and toilet discharge
Security 24/7
Card payment
Illuminated parking
Utilities nearby

Distances by car

Supermarket 4.5 km
Otopeni center 4 km
(pharmacies, restaurants, market)
Airport 6 km
Water park 2 km


Exit from DN1 before Cris Garden Plaza

From Ploiesti on DN 1
From Ploiesti via A3, exit to DNCB, left to DN1 
From Bucharest on DN1, turn at the roundabout under the Otopeni bridge



Calea Bucurestilor 247,